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Low-carb diet for Type 2 gets thumbs-up in new study

A new study into the effects of a very low carbohydrate/ high fat diet in people with Type 2 diabetes […]

Revealed: the best diet for people with Type 2 diabetes

Feelings run high when it comes to debating which diet is the healthiest for Type 2 diabetes. The official recommendation, […]

Recipes for easier living with diabetes 

The authors, Martin Hirst and specialist diabetes dietitian Mabel Blades PhD, say they wanted to produce a book that would […]

Get some nuts! 10 reasons to grab a handful

Good news if you’re nuts about nuts – there is plenty of evidence that they can help with weight management […]

Carbs and Type 2 diabetes: how low should you go?

If you have Type 2 diabetes or are at risk of it, should you be eating a low-carbohydrate diet? This […]

The muscle adaptive process and how to work around it

The Adaption Process One of the reasons behind this is because the muscles are shocked as they are not used […]

Review: a smart app for carb-counting cooks

If you like cooking, or want to make healthy meals without having to rely on processed foods that have the […]

Snap up this app for healthier shopping choices

The app works by comparing the ‘traffic light’ nutrition labels of foods on its database and suggesting options that have […]